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Tiger Dumb Ass 50k Course Description

Tiger Dumb Ass 50k Start

Dumb Ass start is at 8:00am from the Tradition Plateau Trailhead (upper lot). Check-in starts at 7:30am. Briefing will be at 7:55am.

Half-Ass start is at 9:30am from the Tradition Plateau Trailhead. This start is only for runners intending to DNF (running less than 4 loops) and is timed so that you'll mingle with the Dumb Asses who should just be starting their 2nd loop. Any Half-Ass starter who does more than 3 loops will be automatically given a 8:00am start time (1.5 hour penalty). Check-in for the Half-Ass start is any time after 8:30am and the briefing will be just before 9:30am.

N-K3 Loop

The course is a 6.5m+ loop that goes through the upper lot at the regular Tradition Plateau Trailhead:

  • up Nook
  • over T3 (toward T2)
  • left on TMT between T3 and T2
  • shortcut down K3 ridge to meet TMT near bridges
  • back to trailhead TMT
  • rinse and repeat

The format is similar to the regular Fat Ass except that there are no trail markings with the exception of a few flour “wrong way” crosses (or Gatorade red crosses on snow) across incorrect trails at key intersections.

Note: In the interests of safety, we are insisting on counterclockwise loops only. We don't want people tearing down Nook facing oncoming runners, especially if it is frosty. The same goes for salmon swimming upstream on K3: not a good idea. Violators will be DQd.


Turn-by-turn directions with intersection elevations. We recommend an altimeter watch and this sheet on the day. Each turn is shown as a purple spot on the map below. Distances are approximate. Elevations are accurate. Even though 12 decisions in 6+ miles looks like a lot, there really are only a handful of spots where you need to pay attention and these are shown in bold.

  • head out on West Tiger 3 trail (520')
  • after .1m, RIGHT on Bus Trail (530')
  • after .1m, LEFT on Nook Trail (550')
  • after 1.5m, RIGHT on Connector Trail (not left/straight to Talus Rocks) (945')
  • after .1m, LEFT on Section Line Trail (990')
  • after .5m, CROSS on West Tiger Railroad Grade (1880')
  • after .4m, RIGHT up to Tiger 3 summit and straight over toward Tiger 2 (2500')
  • after .2m, LEFT on Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT) (2490') - easy to miss
  • after .3m, STRAIGHT/LEFT on Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT) (2560')
  • after .3m, LEFT on K3 Trail (2190') - tricky: easy to miss
  • after .2m, CROSS West Tiger Railroad Grade (1950')
  • after .3m, LEFT on Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT) (1430') - tricky: easy to go right/straight by mistake
  • after 1.0m, CROSS Cable Drop (don't go down it) (930')
  • after 0.9m, RIGHT on West Tiger 3 Trail back to trailhead (535')

N-K3 Map (modified Green Trails)

Click to Enlarge
N-K3 Loop Map
~2400ft climb and 6.5+ miles per loop

Note: the above map has been modified and is not identical to the current Green Trails version:

  • the area near Talus Rocks on Nook is incorrect on Green Trails
  • the lower part of K3 is not shown on Green Trails (recently updated: shown on newer maps)

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