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Rules and Safety

Completion and Cutoff

Make 5 complete counterclockwise loops of the course to finish the 50k fun run. 4 complete loops for a marathon finish.

Runners should not start a new loop with less than the duration of their previous loop remaining before 5pm. In other words, if you took 2 hours to do your last loop, you should not start a new loop after 3pm. Starting a loop after 2pm without at least an emergency flashlight would be DUMB.

December Seattle Sunrise: 07:51am
December Seattle Sunset:  04:18pm


Nothing is worth getting hurt for. Safety comes first. Having a fun day out comes second.

Since this is a low key fun run we have minimal trail marking. Getting lost on Tiger Mountain on a bad weather day can get serious fast. For this reason, check-in and check-out at the trailhead support station is mandatory for every loop.

Runner Logging

We'll keep accurate trailhead arrival and departure times of all runners logged so that we know where you all are on the hill.

In the event of a fantastic weather day (snow, rain, flooding, etc.) we'll have two additional self-service check-in points (sign on the Tyvek log sheet with the sharpie) located near the top of Nook and somewhere on K3.

If you get injured, stay put and wait for us to notice that you are overdue. The logs will tell us where to start looking.


Unless it is a boring weather day (sunshine, no precipitation), we suggest you run with a small pack and take at least the following:

  • map (and altimeter if you have one)
  • water bottle
  • food (gels, bars, etc.)
  • communication device (whistle or cell phone)
  • emergency blanket and light jacket
  • flashlight (if starting a loop after 2:00pm)


Common sense rules. Don't do anything dodgy. Doing anything questionable, including littering, will result in the immediate end of your fun run.

Tiger Mountain is managed as a working forest by the Washington State Department of Natural Resource (DNR). Tradition Plateau is Natural Resources Conservation Area. Areas such as West Tiger Mountain are selected for their outstanding scenic and ecological values and to protect native habitats of endangered, threatened and sensitive plants and animals. They offer educational and low-impact public use compatible with the resource values being protected.

So be low key:

  • stay on the trails
  • absolutely no littering (no gel packets!)
  • be super-courteous to other trail users (no raucous behaviour, slow down to a walk when passing)

Canine Dumb Asses

Tiger Mountain has a leash rule. One reason for this rule is to keep poorly trained dogs from harassing the wildlife.

Golden rule for trail dogs: it the owner’s responsibility to make sure that the dog does not diminish the experience of any of the other trail users or volunteers. The dog should also be restrained from harassing any wildlife.

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